Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 8 at the MTC

Good Morning Familia!!!
     Wait decorating?? Oh holy cow!! It was Halloween? Dang I forgot!! Well maybe next year I will get a Halloween haha;) jk but really it did not seem like Halloween at all in the mtc. Instead of people being dressed up as ghosts and stuff, We all get to feel the power of a real ghost!! The HOLY GHOST.. Isn’t that amazing:) haha well sounds like you guys have been pretty busy at home. Sounds like it was definitely a successful Halloween this year!
 So can you believe that Monday I will be in Tampico!! that’s crazy… Time has gone by so fast here at the mtc!! I’ll probably be calling home sometime between 7 and 8 I believe. Yes I’m definitely ready to get to Mexico! We’ll see how this whole language thing works out, its going to be crazy! But I’m excited and I guess maybe a little nervous. But not to nervous because I know that this is the Lord’s work and he will be walking with me every step of the way. I know that if I just try to speak the language, open my mouth. Than it will be filled with the words of the Lord.:) I love being the Zone Leader, it is great!! I feel like every district is my family! I love every Elder, they are all so great! Our zone has become so close since we got put in as Zone Leaders we all sit at the same table in the lunch room now. There is a really strong spirit in such a big group that’s so close. Dang I’m going to miss all these guys when I leave the mtc they have become family! I’ll definitely miss the mtc. One of the Elders reminds me exactly how dad would have been on a mission… its crazy!! He is a way hard worker and doesn’t really get sarcasm…haha. Oh yeah, I’ve tried to cut back on that sarcasm nonsense…haha:) but yeah its pretty funny!!
     So the speakers you sent will be fine, no worries. Umm I can’t think of anything that I need. I’ll just buy anything I need at the bookstore if I think of something.  I’ll probably just buy a sweater thing when I’m in Mexico if I get cold.
     Well I can’t really think of anything else to write about right now hahah umm maybe later on I will?? But sounds like things are going really good at home, that’s great!! Probably not as good as the mtc, but what can you do:)  alright I’ll talk to you guys soon!! Love you all so much!!! That includes everyone, I repeat everyone.. Thanks for all the letters:) ADIOS.

LOVE, Elder Lawrence.. The Gran Hefe

 Elder Lawrence and his Companion Elder Gneiting


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