Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013 Happy New Year!!!!

Hola Todo Familia!!!!
    It was really great to Skype with all of you! And for the others in the family, I felt your love through your prayers:) Well, Happy New Years!! Can you believe that it’s 2013… how crazy is that? This year is going to go by really fast, I bet! Well, that’s awesome that you had some family over for a New Years Eve party. We also had a big New Years Eve party here...haha! If wearing my sunglasses and listening to efy music count... hahaha, no it was really fun:)
    We had three of our investigators show up to church this Sunday. Leo couldn’t because he had to work, but he has showed up 3 times. Jesus showed up and this was his second time. And Alejandrina and Janyal both showed up. Also two of our menos activo families showed up. So Elder Rodriguez and I were pretty happy about that!  Not happy that Leo wasn’t able to show. We’re teaching him tonight, so we will have to talk to him about that. He knows what is most important…haha.  A family that we really enjoy teaching and are hoping to reactivate is the family Barrios. They are a really awesome family and they have a girl about 11 years old.  We are going to get a baptism date for her. 
   Well, everything is going really good!  Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, but p-day was moved to Tuesday…I don’t know why. We played volleyball this morning and went to Walmart, ate at a members house and now I’m writing you guys.
    Well, I better go…Elder Rodriguez is waiting. Thanks for everything and all of your love and prayers. Love you all so much Adios... CTR

Elder Lawrence

 Yeah, we get pretty crazy haha;) jk!! Especially with the nerf guns! 

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