Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hola Familia,
     OK!!! So today is the day for companion change.  I'm leaving my 1st area, my home and my familias here.  Yep I got transferred to Valles. It’s like 4 hours away from Tampico.  I hear it’s super super hot there.  I will tell you guys everything on p-day. I just thought I would let all you know what was going on today.  It has been so crazy busy these last days with a baptism and packing everything and visiting everyone. It was so crazy but everything is working out.  I will be leaving on the bus at two so I should get there around 6….I hope haha:) can you believe I got changed?
   Elder Lawrence

(A little later on that day….)

     So I’m here in Valles with my new companion.  I can already tell you that this will be the change where I learn so much!!!  He has so much energy and so that’s a good thing. The first thing we did when we got to the house was clean it.  He said he loves when everything is very clean.  So I’m sure you are happy about that mom… haha:) I’m super excited to learn the area and get to know the people. Its pretty weird starting over in a new area with all new people. I left behind so many people that I love but I’m really really ready to learn more and keep on progressing.  The name of my new companion is Elder Rodas and he is from Guatemala. He played semi-pro soccer and so he likes to exercise a lot…haha.
     So the baptism was soooo soooooo good so spiritual. Everything went smooth for us.  We were so so busy preparing everything and I was so happy with the way things turned out. Everyone really felt the spirit and I’m sure with no doubt that this will help out the mother of Leo. All the buddies in the ward were there to support him and all the hermanas.  He had a lot of support.  After the baptism we ate at Leo’s house and I gave him a photo with a note on the back. So yeah, what a perfect way to end my first transfer….a baptism for the Lord :)
     So your package still hasn’t gotten here.  I was hoping to get it before the transfer but nope. It’s all good, hopefully it will get here soon.  It’s going to take more time for packages and stuff to get here because I’m far away from central of Madero.
     Oh yeah, pretty much my whole district from the MTC is serving in Valles!  Haha… can you believe that… my district from the mtc!!!! So I was really happy about that!
     I’m really going to miss elder Rodriguez! I was so lucky to have him as my companion. I learned a lot but I’m ready to learn more.  I’m sure that’s the reason I got changed because I know I will just keep on progressing. The people in Valles already seem so awesome and friendly. Did I tell you that we are in charge of 2 areas? So it’s my companion and I in 2 areas and that means a lot of work….And a lot of walking in the really really hot.  I heard that I will be really red or tan.  I guess we will see.  I also forgot to mention that my companion is 23 years old…so that’s cool. I’ll send you photos when we take photos ok:)
    I love you guys sooo much and everyone in the family!!!  I’m always praying for you all…Especially grandpa at this time.
    Elder Lawrence
Before the baptism of Leo…he was so happy, excited, and nervous haha:)

The Baptism of Leo

yes was very sad to leave.  

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