Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hola Familia, What’s up!!!
     So this week the weather has been way weird here also!  One day it’s really cold and the next it’s way hot. For the most part it has been just perfect though.
      I would like to start this letter with explaining how happy I am because I am pretty sure my ears are now used to all the different accents and stuff here in Tampico. So now I really feel totally comfortable with the language.  It’s like my first language is Spanish, it’s really amazing!!!  I now think in Spanish so it’s freaking awesome!  I don’t have to think of what I say before saying it either.  I can fully speak and understand everything. I truly feel blessed and feel like it’s the gift of tongues. All the hard work has paid off. Before the mission I heard that it usually takes about 6 months before you become custom to all the Spanish… but dang I guess I just got lucky or something haha jk!!! I have been blessed to learn it really fast!!  You have no idea how happy I was when I woke up and could understand all people…I’ve had a smile on my face all day:)
     Ok, well enough bragging about how much God is blessing me with.  Now with the really juicy information... so this week started off with me being stuck in bed for pretty much 3 days. Yeah 3 days!!! Turns out that stomach ache wasn’t just a stomach ache… yup, I got the infection!!! Not fun!!!  I threw up a couple times and was doing the other you know also. I went to the doctor and they gave me some medicine and took the medicine but I threw it up. So then I went back and they gave me some shots…and I tell you what the shots here in Mexico kinda hurt!!! Here’s better news… When I finally was able to leave the house guess what happened?? Yep!! I was blessed from Heavenly Father again and we put a baptism date on our brand new investigators. Actually it was a reference.  He is a menos activio and his girl friend is catholic.  On the first lesson with them, we got a baptism date set….they are awesome!! They both showed up to church on Sunday too. Also, both our other investigators showed up to church on Sunday and so my companion and I are really happy!!!  Not bad for not being able to leave the house for about 4 days. I say 4 days because on the 4th day Elder Rodriguez was sick in the throat and couldn’t talk. So his voice is pretty feo right now…haha.  But yeah, it was a really good week:)
     Oh, I bought some new pants at a rodante and a mochilla at the store.  They are pretty sweet they were really really cheap…haha. I’ll send a photo. 
Love you all!!!
Elder Lawrence

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