Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hello family!!
      How is everything going at home?  I love to hear about all the interesting and new things that are happening…even though it’s not really that important haha.  I’m doing pretty good, except for my stomach has been having a little bit of problems.  Every morning it hurts and than I go to the bathroom and it doesn’t hurt anymore. But it’s also that weird thing again, where none of the food sounds good to me and when I eat I just feel sick.  I’m not worried because this happened a lot when I was living at home. But I don’t think the Hermanas like when I don’t eat much food because the missionaries usually eat so much food…haha.  I think I need to take more vitamins because my immune might be down. It has been freakin way really cold, my body cant get warm for some reason… well mostly my hands and feet. The Hermanas always say….oh your manos so frio… haha but what do ya do? So I’m going to buy a lot of vitamins and yogurt so I can get my immune system up.
     Other than that my week was pretty great….kinda.  I’m really mad because we have been working so hard with Jesus and Leo but Leo didn’t show up to church these past 2 Sundays. So I’m bummed about that.  But I’m way mad because Jesus has all the requirements and has gone to church and everything but the Mission President won’t let us baptize him until his mom goes back to church too. The mom is a menos ativio.  So now we are going to start to work with the mom.  Hopefully everything works out with her!  I’m sure it will… its all about that faith right:)
    Hopefully this next week it will be hot again… haha!!!!
Well I love all of you so much:) hope I wrote enough in this email.  Can’t believe another week has come and gone. WOW 4 months out…that’s crazy huh?  Love you and thanks for everything!!! You are always in my prayers. Adios ctr always… Have fe in everything you do:)
Love, Elder Lawrence 

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