Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

     So this week we have had so much happening and going on. We’re changing houses and so we have been really busy looking for another house.  I still don’t know if we have a new house to live in. We’re giving the keys to the Senior tomorrow morning. He doesn’t want us talking to his wife or anything but they obviously have to be together when we give them the keys. He has problems with his wife and he is a little crazy and so it’s a good thing we’re leaving….especially because there’s like an invasion of the cockroaches in our house haha. We found some new apartment buildings and were trying to rent those but we don’t know if we will be able to or not. So lets hope all works out:)
     So on top of looking for a new house and all of that we have been teaching so many menos activos!! And none showed up to church again. But there is a time for everyone. We’re pretty dang patient here so it’s not a problem.  One day they will be ready and realize what’s up and what they need to be doing.
    Telmah, who we have been teaching and has all the lessons, actually doesn’t even live in my area we found out. So she wont be my baptism, the other area missionaries will baptize her, but I taught her every lesson:) I’m so happy!! So president Jordan visited Jesus, (remember Jesus the brother to Leonardo my first baptism) So president visited him and told him he could be baptized… he got special permission! Jesus was so happy with tears of joy everyone said. So I am so happy for him!!
     My companion gave me a hair cut and he actually did a pretty good job haha!! My cheeks are getting really really brown, I’m wondering if I should probably buy sunblock? Oh and my ears haha.
    So at Hma Rita’s house she taught us how to make piñatas. Hma Rita is a menos activo family that we have been reading the Book of Mormon with. They love us so much…she is always feeding us food too:) so that’s good.
    So I’m really excited to talk to you guys on Skype! That should be pretty dang great haha:) That’s crazy that school is pretty much over… I cant believe that.. wow!!! Good to here that Ethan’s team is tearing it up and is undefeated… that is awesome.
    We taught these little kids in the street the other day because they steal  stuff,  we taught them the 10 commandments in the street haha:) That was pretty great! So we have been trying to come in contact with Edgar for like 2 weeks with no success. We were walking home the other night when I heard a Mexican voice say what’s up dude and it was Edgar!!!  We were able to teach him that night and the next day also!! We taught him some really spiritual lessons where he was getting teary eyed. This is Gods work and he really does have everything set up and planed for us. It just depends on our obedience… we need to always choose the right!! It is so important. Well I love everyone so much thanks for everything and all of your support:)
Elder Lawrence
Making Pinatas

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