Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

     So I’m doing really Great!!! Thanks for asking. Sounds like you guys are doing pretty good as well.  Keeping pretty busy, with dad driving all over the states, baseball, golf, science camp, work…sounds like summer, if you ask me haha;) That’s crazy that it got up to 115 degrees there…that’s pretty hot I guess you could say haha. But seriously it gets soo hot here!! Right when we step outside of the house we are sweating, it’s pretty crazy.! Madero is super hot as well! The heat here is just a little bit different than Valles because it’s more humid.
     Wow, so Adam Massey had his farewell? That’s awesome! I’m really excited for him, he will be a really good missionary.
     So my new companion is Elder Leon. He is from the same generation as me. We were both actually in the same Zone Amplacion in our first months here in Mexico…so I new him before. Now we are here in Amplacion again, but this time we are companions. He is a really great guy and a hard worker. He knows his scriptures really good…especially the bible.  I’m glad he is my companion and we are looking forward to having some major success here in area Independencia 1.
    The ward is actually pretty big here.  It’s the biggest ward that I have been in my mission so far. We introduced ourselves in church on one was prepared for that.  The bishop just called us up out of nowhere and we each talked for a little bit.  This ward is really strict too!  I have nver seen anything like it before...much more strict than the wards in Utah. 
    So wow can you believe that you guys will have a 20 year old on Wed? That’s some pretty crazy stuff isn’t it haha??  So I got one of your packages when I was in Valles. It was the package for my Birthday:) Thanks so much! I hope the other package gets here as well haha.
    Well thanks everyone so much for the birthday wishes.  Love you all so much:) adios

Elder Lawrence

My new companion Elder Leon

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