Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hola mi familia, como esta ustedes? Espero que todo esta bien. Yo quiero ir con ustedes a park city…jaja.
    Well this week just went by supa fast right?? Holy cow I can’t believe that you guys are already going school shopping, what’s up wit that!!! So I have been 20 for about a month now!! That’s pretty cool right! I feel like I have so much more wisdom now!! But it’s not because I turned 20... I have learned so much already from my mission. Everyday I go to sleep with something new that I have learned. I have grown so much spiritually, but not only spiritually, I am learning the things I need to learn to make a family work and be close. The gospel is so important and I am so blessed that I get to teach people about the gospel and bring them closer to Jesus.
     This week we had 13 inactive members attend church. We didn’t get to have that many lessons because a bunch of the families made excuses and just canceled out on us. I know that there is a time for everyone to hear the message that the Lord has for them. There is a time prepared for everyone. I know that when we put in our part, God also puts in his part and gives us the blessings that we need to continue on in this work and for the eternidad.
      So this week we went to the beach for our P day. It was really fun to just relax and go chill out on the beach for a little bit. We also had changes… so I stayed in my area and one of the leaders of the zone came and he was companions with me for the day. It was good to learn from someone that has a little bit more experience than me. I also went on a cambio with the leader of the District. So I got to go to their area for the day.  I got to go with Elder Richard for the day also.
     We had a bunch of spiritual lessons this week. One of our investigators that has a baptism date didn’t go to church, so that baptism date fell through. A lot of the families don’t seem to want to listen to us. But we try our best everyday and the spirit is with us and we are learning so much, and that’s what’s important.  
     Well, I love you all so much and hope you guys have a wonderful time in Park City. Buy me something haha..;) A carmel apple and eat it for me.
Love you all and adios. Cuidese mucho!
    Elder Lawrence

 La playa bebe!!!

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