Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hey hey...
    So it sounds like you guys had a pretty boring week, haha that is too bad. Why didn’t you all do something fun?? My birthday was pretty dang good haha…actually it was pretty much a normal day really. President Jordan and his wife called and sang me happy birthday which was really cool then the Mission Assistant’s also called later and sang happy birthday.  I don’t think they just do that for everybody…so I think I got some special privilege or something hahaha:)
     Things are going really good here with Elder Leon.  We are working really hard! We put two baptisms dates on the day of my birthday so that is some good news. But I think that they are moving areas next week so that is not good. There are so many less active members in our area and we have been contacting everyone of them. We have about 20 less active members that we are visiting right now…well, maybe a little less than that.  We also have 3 investigators. A lot of the appointments that we have the people have been canceling. Even with all the canceling we still ended up having really good numbers this week.
    Yes, we eat at a member’s house everyday and sometimes it is with the other missionaries also. So sometimes all 4 of us eat together. Which I think is pretty cool. I haven’t ever disliked the food…the food is always really good. My least favorite thing here is probably the hamburgers haha. That’s funny huh??
    Pretty crazy stuff now that I’m 20 years old… I can’t really believe that wow! Where has all that time gone?
    It has been lightning and raining here like crazy this last week. A lot of the streets are flooded I will send a photo. So our ward is really big here in independecia and there is a lot of work to be done.
    I love you all so much and hope that you have a really good week!!!
 Elder Lawrence

 Our house

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