Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

Hola Familia...que tal!
     This week has been really good and now it’s almost over haha.  I’m in week 6 and that means that I will probably be getting a new companion and a new area this next Monday.  Isn't that super crazy?  So today is our got changed because we went to the temple on Monday.  It was really great to go to the temple and feel the spirit and love there.

     This past week was pretty good. We had a sufficient amount of lessons with all the less active members. But it was really difficult to come in contact with our investigators.  None of them seemed to be home.  I know that one person was out of town for work. But the others we never got the chance to teach them really. So that was really a bummer for us. We have been trying hard to get our investigators to progress but every time we  mention baptism they seem a little put off by that. The one thing that I have been so happy to see is how many menos activos that have really been progressing.  I can tell that they are feeling a lot more happy and really feeling the love of Christ in their lives.  I love to see that!

      Well everything has been going really good with Elder Leon and I.  I had divisions with Elder Christensen the other day. That was really good. You would not believe how much that it has been raining here!  All of the streets are super flooded. It’s actually pretty hard to get around.

     So it sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend in salt lake and also a good time in Pine Valley…that is really good to hear. So the package that I received was the one that has all of the garments and stuff. It was nice to put on some clean garments haha. So I bought some shoes the other day but they were really super cheap…like 10 dollars. I will definitely have to buy another pair sometime soon haha.

     That’s supa crazy that Kade is already home from his mission! I can’t believe that Nate only has 4 months left.  And me!!! What the heck can you believe I’ve been out a year?  That is so crazyyy... I feel like I just left!!! I am also being careful… you shouldn’t worry too much haha. Well I’m glad that everyone is doing good. I love you guys so much!  Have a good week.

Elder Lawrence

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