Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hola HOLA hola!! hello…
     How are you my friends? So what’s up?  How are you guys doing?  So I believe that everything is part of the plan of God… I always have believed that.  This week Elder Girot was sent to another area and he is no longer my companion. It is now just Elder Santeliz and me. I really did learn a lot from Elder Girot though.  It turned out not to be too bad.   We actually ended up having a pretty good time!

     Right when Elder Girot left though you bet your bottom dollar that we went to work papi! We cleaned that house right up.  Now the house is nice and I love it. It’s all clean and organized. We’re in the process of organizing the folders of the people we teach. We asked the ward for a new member list and I’m getting things together here. We are going to see the progress of Marta Redondo because this area really is awesome. I really do love it!  I now know with the super good energy in the air and the love that this area is going to be the bomb! There is work to be done here and we are doing it. Elder Girot only wanted to teach the people that he was custom too, but we are going to be going out now and looking for a whole bunch of new people to teach and work with.  I now have the list of members in the ward that will help us a lot.  We talked about having a meeting with the leaders in the area of Consejo de Barrio. Don’t know what it’s called in English. Were going to put together invitations for the conference and pass them out to everyone!!!!  We’re pumped for the conference! I can’t wait… it is going to be awesome to watch.  Conference is going to be in Spanish I think but that’s fine with me. We’re also putting together an activity for the ward. Yeah, there is some good stuff that is happening here in Marta Redona.

     I never lost enthusiasm, even in the trio (as hard as it was).  I’m blessed to be in this area and I know that Elder Santeliz and I can progress this area more. We now have 3 baptism dates set and 45 people went to church this last week.  When I first started here there was 28 people who went to church. The hand of the Lord really is here and it’s all about that love baby haha.

     Well everything is super good!!!  Elder Rodas gave me his old charger:) so I will be able to charge my camera. Well I hope all ya’ll have a marvelous week. I know I will because I’m in the work of the Lord.  I love you all so much and all of you are in my prayers. CTR everyday. pray, read the scriptures and go to church.  That is the key to a great life.  Loves ya bye Adios me frens y familia. With lots of love, your brother, your friend, your friendly neighborhood missionary.

Elder Lawrence

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