Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Hola Familia,

     Holy cow!!! It seems like everyone is sick back at the house!! That’s no fun. How can that be? You should be receiving those good old blessings some time soon... no but for real it’s such a blessing to have the gospel in our lives and the power of the priesthood. The other night one sister called us at like twelve, saying that her daughter was not feeling good at all.  We actually live above them. So we changed really fast and ran downstairs, and gave the daughter a blessing. The mom was crying and everything because the spirit was so strong. We are so blessed to have this power here on the earth…especially in our own house. The sad thing is, the dad was there and he is an ex Bishop who now is inactive and he couldn’t give the blessing. That just shows that there is also opposition in all things and we need to be very aware of that. Because of that, the prophets and everyone are always preaching obedience like you said. It is so important:)

      Peach days huh... I bet that was boring as usual... haha jk jk!  So I got the other package from you. Well actually Elder Rodas called me and said that it came. So I will get it this Wednesday.  Haha...Yes, I'm very excited!!!  

     So this last week was pretty good. None of our investigators are progressing that much... Angel, José, Ricardo, Bernice, None of them. We had 13 less actives go to church on Sunday.  So that stayed the same.  But you know what?  It's totally a process, and it's all part of the plan of God.   

     Anyway, I’m doing good! I Can’t believe that I will be out here one year in 5 days…that’s so crazy!  I’m going to have to party super hard for that. Maybe buy some tacos in front of the house for 2 pesos or something hahahah jk.  So my first pair of shoes are done!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha ill send a pic some time.  Good thing I still have the other that I haven’t really used at all:)

      I love you guys so much!  Thanks for all your support and prayers. Have a super great week. Love you adios.

    Elder Lawrence

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