Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello Family...
     I’m so glad to hear that you guys all have been keeping busy... and you are having success in your activities. It’s super cool to hear that Blake is tearin it up out there on the tennis court and that he will be going to prom here soon. It’s awesome that Ethan has been doing super good with his baseball team and that he is a boss when he pitches. Also that Kamrie is dancing and cheering up a storm. All the news is super good. I love it!!!

     My news is good too, haha like always;). I got changed and I’m no longer in the Promised Land haha.  I’m now back in Tampico in a place called Miramar in the Zona Bosque.  I’m super pumped to be here! I can’t wait to meet and come in contact with all these new people. I know that these last months will be full of the spirit. My new companion seems pretty cool.  His name is Elder Antuna and he is from Mexico. He was actually in Victoria when I was first there. So I know him a little bit.

      So wow I can’t believe I am all signed up for college and I’ve got my classes!  That is some really good news.  I’m super excited...but more than that I am excited because I am a missionary in this time. What a special time to be a missionary really. There is so much work and so much progress here that is just waiting on the hands of the Lord…which is us missionaries. We’ve just got to reach out to the people... who have little faith. Just like Jesus reached out. I know and have testimony that if we show the Lord our faith and our willingness to serve we will see the blessings and the fruits will come for our esfuerzos…actions.   I love the gospel. I love helping people learn the gospel and that is why I am here to help the people understand learn and put the gospel to work…especially with the families.

     I love you guys all so much and I will see you all really soon…except for you Blake…you have to wait two more years.

Elder Lawrence

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