Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014

Hello everyone…

     Everything is going better!  I get along good with my companion…we haven’t had any problems at all.  This week we did have trouble getting new investigators.  It’s sad because I feel like we are really working hard but we don’t have any investigators to teach.  We did receive one new investigator that is really interested.  He went to church and we will be putting a baptism date with him this week.  So that is good news!  We were so thankful to have him to teach.  We were fasting that we would get a new investigator and we received one.  

     50 people attended church this week and we had about 15 less actives that attended.  So that number stayed about the same.  We are really praying and seeking progress.  We have faith that we will soon see the fruits of our work. 

    The baptism that we had last week went pretty dang good. It was  very spiritual. I didn't know her that well because we only taught her once.  Her name is Valetina and she is super quiet.  Im excited to tell you guys all my great experiencias when I get home... this is the best journey ever!!! You will like my stories.

     I hope everything is really good.  Sorry this letter is a little short this time…but I love you all the same and I’m always praying for you guys.  Thanks for praying for me too!  See ya’ll soon. 
     Love your Elder.

 The baptism of Valentina

At the Museum with our zone

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