Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

What’s up family!!!
      We are doing super good out here in Mexico. It’s supah hot, really hot!! Like I leave the house and I start sweating. Super hot and really humid!!! But I really like my area a lot…it’s awesome. We have got so many new families that we are teaching…it’s bomb!!!

      One of our investigators went to church this last Sunday and she seemed super happy to be there. I know that she really felt the spirit. Her name is Rosy. She also has a husband named Gorge.  Gorge didn't go to church this Sunday but he will definitely for sure go this next Sunday.  Some other investigators that we have went on vacation, so for that they did not go to church.  His name is Victor and Jose.  Victor likes to drink...but we are helping him with that.  He won't like drinking for long.  We had 4 investigators in church this last Sunday so we were really happy about that. 

     I feel really blessed to be in this area. The spirit is so strong here and I know that we will see so much progress here.  Like this last week we had about 16 families show up to church. These families that showed up are less actives.  They are some of the families that we are teaching. It felt so good to watch the chapel start to fill up. I know that the work that we are doing here will truly bless the lives of these families.

     I’m so grateful to be a part of this work. I seriously can’t believe how fast the time is going though. It’s really crazy. I just have to stay strong and enjoy and love this last part of my mission. I love all the experiences that I have had and keep having. I really feel like I have grown so much spiritually…maybe not in my height but definitely spiritually. I know I will continue to keep growing if I do my part and do what the Lord wants... I love Mexico and I love the people here. I also love my family so much... thank you all for everything you do for me! Have a great week!!!

Elder Lawrence

 Mi Casa in Tampico

 Elder Lawrence with his new companion Elder Antuna

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