Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 (4 Months to go!)

Hello my family that I love so much!!!!!!!!!
     How is it going?????? Sounds like your guy’s weekend was awesome…fun filled and full of adventure! Hahahaha that story is so funny that you sent mom! That really could be like an episode from “The Middle” or something haha that’s super funny. That’s so good to hear that Nadia did really good on her farewell talk. She is professional!! She will be a super good missionary!

     Dang... I can’t believe that you guys sold the little blue the car for only 300 bucks. That is sooo cheap... I hope you took off the pipe on the back and all the stuff for the speakers and the rims hahaha:)

     So do you know where I am going to be living with Elder Rohde?? Has his mom said anything? I’m pumped haha.

      So this last week was Easter? I didn’t even really know it. It did not seem like Easter at all. I didn’t even see one painted egg. Can you believe that? Soo sad…but what do ya do hehe.

     So this last week was pretty fast. I am pretty sure these last cambios are just going to go by soaring flyin. This last week was super good... we actually didn’t have that many lessons because all of the lessons were fallin through. I am used to having a little bit more lessons because in Victoria none of the lessons fell through, we always had lessons... so it’s a little different…but the people are awesome here. The church is way beautiful. There is a good spirit here in the area so that is nice. We actually put two baptism dates this last week…but they did not show up to church this week.  So that was sad... but its okk. We are going to keep visiting them. Their names are Rosy and Gorge. We actually helped them change their whole house. We came in contact with them when we were walking the streets.

      The bread here is pretty good…I’ve bought a little bit.  I’m really lovin it here!!! It will be a nice area to finish my mission. I have a good feeling that this is my last area. I’m excited!!! I know that the spirit is definitely with us here helping every step of the way.

     Well, I love you guys so much. Can’t wait to skype with y’all soon:) It will be super fun!! Love ya bye…adios.. 

Elder Lawrence

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